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"Hello My baby"

Name: Name
Location: local
B-day: b-day
Occupation: job

"Only on the surface now I'm toying with you you do not notice a thing In minus frozen love in taciturn you, with taciturn love, a taciturn discomfort in taciturn me, with taciturn love, a taciturn scar you are the eighteenth one you didn't notice me supported by kindness this love made frozen
in quiet you, with quiet love, kill the quiet pleasure in quiet me, with quiet love, quiet.... I cannot change, I cannot return, taciturn love quietly, quietly, we two entangled
my inner heart's reticence, my inner heart's quiet, striking towards the heart my inner heart's reticence, my inner heart's quiet, even if I try to toy with your heart

from sometime ago I had noticed you but to be only by your side is all I need I held you close at the end I don't know if this will become the end

the way that we walked together back then is lost yet always we were walking, someday shall I meet with you? atop the gently sloping hill, the snow slowly falls I understand that I cannot reach you, yet in your room, a single flower of the kind that you loved, is now... the day of last year's final snow a promise firmly exchanged when I remembered, it started to melt, and spill from the palm of my hand"


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